Support cushion / foam / back / side 117 Pelican Manufacturing Pty Ltd

Support cushion / foam / back / side 117 Pelican Manufacturing Pty Ltd

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Bed Wedge - Small Item # 117 (small) Bed Wedges These are very useful triangular foam wedges that can be used in a variety of ways to help people in bed. The foam has a waterproof cover that can be wiped clean and placed in a pillowcase for patient comfort. Listed below are some uses for the Bed Wedge, but you may think of other ways of using it and if so, please let us know! The small size can be useful between patient’s legs to prevent pressure (see also the Pressure Pad). 1) Bed Back Support: When sitting up in bed, the Bed Wedge can be placed behind the patient’s back resting on the mattress and against the bed head - this provides good support for the lower back/posterior to lean against and a normal pillow can be used vertically for upper back support. 2) Bed Anti-Slide Wedge: When the patient is sitting up in bed, place the Bed Wedge under the legs hard up against the groin. The Wedge will comfortably help the patient to stay in position sitting up, and help prevent them sliding back down the bed. This is particularly useful as it can save the nurses having to constantly lift patients back into position. 3) Bed Anti-Roll Wedge: For patients who need to sleep on their side but will roll onto their backs, simply place the wedge against their back. This will not be uncomfortable, but it will prevent them rolling onto their backs. The Bed Wedge is very stable and small enough to go under the bed clothes.
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