Sterilizer water distiller Dist W&H Dentalwerk International

Sterilizer water distiller Dist W&H Dentalwerk International

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The Dist is a device used for water treatment of tap water for distillation. It is truly essential to have access to pure fresh water to maximize the life of your sterilizer and other instruments. The device produces 4 liters of water that is purely distilled from tap water. Granting this amount, up to 16 sterilization cycles may be done when used in your sterilizer since there would be optimized and reduced consumption. The Dist produces distilled water with exceptional purity. It provides economical production of purely distilled water in only less than 5 hours time. It is very easy and simple to use, operates in silence, and is compact and light to carry. It is made of stainless steel and is robust and truly easy to maintain. It comes with an automatic heater and an integrated carbon filter, as well.
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