Standards CR screen phosphor screen scanner DX-M AGFA Healthcare

Standards CR screen phosphor screen scanner DX-M AGFA Healthcare

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Digitizer that chains both normal phosphor plates and needle-based detectors, for the next cohort in computed radiography (CR). DX-M is perfect for a wide variety of functions counting mammography and general radiography. Key benefits of this device are Mammography image quality, with potential dose reduction, Smoother, more prolific workflow, with multi-cassette drop-and-go shock absorber for both centralized and decentralized environments. The DX-M digitizer fuses the excellent image quality essential for mammography, with high throughput, delivered by a drop-and-go buffer-based workflow. The combination of needle-based detectors and standard phosphor plates with specific cassettes and image resolution mode makes the DX-M ideal for a broad range of applications, including general radiography, mammography, orthopaedics/extremities, dental, pediatrics/neonatal and full leg/full spine. DX-M is a CR solution with needle-based detectors to reach the high level quality demanded by mammography. One that has the potential for dose reduction for all studies - particularly neonatology and pediatrics.
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