Sphygmomanometer cuff 1280, 1298 A C COSSOR & SON

Sphygmomanometer cuff 1280, 1298 A C COSSOR & SON
1280, 1298

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The Accoson ambidex one piece cuff has been developed to provide a blood pressure cuff that is easy to use and clean, multi purpose and cost effective. The cuff has a unique soft edge which replaces the weld found on other cuffs, allowing the ambidex cuff to be applied to either the left or right arm with equal comfort for the patient. The air inlet tube is positioned in the centre of the cuff face so that it is always out of the way of the patient's arm, whether the left or right arm is chosen. This means there are no tubes to interfere with the stethoscope during manual measurement, and the tubes are tidy when a patient monitor is used. Constructed in soft yet robust fabric, which has antimicrobial treatment, these one piece cuffs come in a full range of sizes which are based on the recommendations of the British Hypertension Society (www.bhs.org) Each cuff carries a RANGE marker and ARTERY position indicator, both printed so they can be read when using the cuff on either arm. The Accoson ambidex bladderless blood pressure cuff can be used as a regular cuff, or for single patient use, and carries a white panel on which a patient's name or the cuff location details can be recorded. Single and double tube option, with a full range of tube connectors
Accoson Works,
United Kingdom
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