Solvent extractor laboratory B-811, B-811 LSV Büchi

Solvent extractor laboratory B-811, B-811 LSV Büchi
B-811, B-811 LSV

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Ensure the most efficient sample preparation for demanding applications in residue and contaminant analysis. Expand your range of application with the multiple extraction methods of the Extraction System B-811. Your most important benefits: Flexible and efficient Soxhlet, Soxhlet Warm, Hot Extraction and Continuous Flow on the same instrument Combine the benefits of Soxhlet and Randall extraction in one instrument Reach the required detection limit thanks to 60% larger sample volume (LSV configuration) Compatible with many solvents and samples Reliable Contamination free instrument thanks to autoclavable parts No alternating blank values thanks to elimination of residual effects Better recoveries by drying under inert gas Safe and compliant Perfect observation of the process thanks to visible glass setup Minimized solvent loss thanks to high performance condenser Risk of burns reduced by effective shielding and heating control Full compliance achieved using the Soxhlet mode
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