Slit lamp POL-01 Seeuco Electronics Technology

Slit lamp POL-01 Seeuco Electronics Technology

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Specification Microscope Type 5-stage magnification change with parallel tubes Value on magnification change knob 2.5,1.5,1,0.66,0.4 Eyepieces 10x , Papillary adjustable 55-75mm,diopter adjustable ±5D Rotation angle of microscope Horizontal 180° (90° for left and right) Working distance 92mm Total magnification 4.99x~31.2x Slit illumination Silt width(mm) 0-14,continuously adjustable Slit length(mm) Adjustable and 0.5,1,3,5,10,14step Silt angle 0°-180° with horizontal (90° or left and right) scanning capability 0° 20° ) with vertical scanning capability Filters Green ,cobalt blue, ND(28%) Lamp 12V,30W halogen lamp Base Longitudinal movement 100mm Lateral movement 110mm Fine movement 14mm Vertical movement 30mm Lift range of chin rest 50mm Elevation table Vertical movement 200mm Input voltage 220V 50HZ Power consumption <180W

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