Sinuscope endoscope / rigid OPTOMIC ESPAÑA

Sinuscope endoscope / rigid OPTOMIC ESPAÑA

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Manufactured at the highest mechanical and optical technology, the OPTOMIC microscope is made under the most exacting standards. Guaranteed movements with the greatest accuracy and free of slackness are incorporated with the highest precision. It is a very light structure and it has a maneuverability that is excellent which allows for the easiest placement and comfort ability during surgeries or examinations. It is ideal for work in deep fields with guaranteed resolution and luminosity with the cold light illumination through a fiber optic cabling offer the highest transmissions. The final result is chromatically natural images that are achieved through the excellent quality of the optic systems involved as well as the specifically added multi-layered anti-reflex treatments. This device offers many technical features such as a straight or 45 inclined binocular according to the desired configuration.
  • Shaft:rigid
  • Type of endoscope:sinuscope
Madroño 4F. Pol. Ind. La Mina,
Colmenar Viejo
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