Shiatsu massage armchair FJ 1350 Fuji Chair

Shiatsu massage armchair FJ 1350 Fuji Chair
FJ 1350

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Zero Gravity concept originates from astronaut's sleeping pose in outer space. This Pose is helpful to keep function of human body and sleeping quality in perfect status. This pose can promote blood circulation, pressure on heart and spine will also be effectively relieved. The Zero Gravity chair comes with Stretch and Relax program. In both the Stretch And Relax programs, 3 airbags in seat, 5 airbags in backrest and 1 air bag in leg rest Inflate and deflate independently in a predetermined sequence. The function on the Waist of Stretch program deeply stretches your muscles to loosen tension, while gentler Relax program is designed to improve circulation and counteract fatigue. The Zero Gravity chair is controlled at LED or LCD remote controller. Maximum angle of backrest recline and seat up can send oxygenated blood to the Brain as well as good to brain blood circulation. This feature allows you to easily Adjust the setting of the chair device to suit your own preference, via remote Controller. The Zero Gravity chair controlled by electric actuator, the backrest, leg Rest and seat can be adjusted to any comfortable angle.
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