Screening tympanometer (audiometry) / reflex tester / digital MADSEN Zodiac 901 Otometrics

Screening tympanometer (audiometry) / reflex tester / digital MADSEN Zodiac 901 Otometrics
MADSEN Zodiac 901

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The product Zodiac is a well-known table Immitance device which is known as a very easy and comprehensive system to examine the middle ear. The product is accurate and steady and enables users to perform all the applicable tests through a probe which offers stable sealing. Features of the product are: Automatic tympanometry; Automatic acoustic reflex (Ipsi/Contra); Automatic reflex threshold (Ipsi/Contra); Manual tympanometry; Manual acoustic reflex (Ipsi/Contra); Reflex decay (Ipsi/Contra); Pure tone threshold (air conduction); Eustachian Tube Function; Acoustic Reflex Latency; Gelle's test. This product has a large display, has additional features like: Quiet built-in thermal printer option, Air Conduction Audiometer of 8 frequencies and 0-120 dB HL, 4 preset and 4 user-programmable auto test sequences. Its handle probe; shoulder harness has built-in Ear Simulator and precision 2cc cavity. It has analog meter display option and an On-screen marker for measuring reflex decay, latency, and amplitude and an optional Zodi-Link PC software for data transfer to NOAH.
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