Root canal desobturation dental file EndoWave Morita

Root canal desobturation dental file EndoWave Morita

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Preparation of the root canal can be done by three files only. Morita collaborating with international endodontic professionals has designed a treatment technique by which preparation of root canal is possible only by three nickel-titanium files. The technique of EndoWave Hybrid provides an advanced solutions for the fresher and professionals which ensures easy, reliable and quick preparation of root canal by them. The combination of tested crown down and one length preparation methods is provided by the concept of EndoWave hybrid. All the user requires is the three files containing latest techniques. The device restricts irrelevant changes in instruments and critical treatment sequences. Also it helps in removal of less dentine while preparing a root canal. The use of device also minimizes the risk of displacement or stripping of the apex. Both the experts and new endodontic users are capable of using the product more conveniently and easily. The product is cost-efficient and suits all the requirement of the endodontic users. The operator can use the files as disposable products which suits the user who is concerned for hygiene.
  • Application:root canal desobturation
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