Resuscitation ventilator / CPAP HFT500 MEKICS

Resuscitation ventilator / CPAP HFT500 MEKICS

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O2 Stream (High Flow Therapy) 1) There is many cases as, It occurs frequently that is not convalescing satisfactorily due to airway absitrcution during sleeping, or lack of ventilation from insfficient breathing ability. In this reason, it turns to mandatory ventilation status, increases the stress of cardiovascular system (heart, and brain vascular) and turns for the worse to cerebral apoplexy. In this cases, the most important thing is maintain of insufficient breathing and airway. It should be more comfortable with airway security and dead space reduction. The O2 Steam is best solution for this case. 2) Must reduce the dead space of Upper Airway (the Nasal Cavity) - Circulation and Maintain of fresh air (minimized dead space) - Appropriated PEEP (airway security) - Minimized resistance of exhalation (efficiency of CO2 deflation and optimized positive pressure)
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