Remote-controlled ophthalmic chart projector CPE070 Essilor instruments

Remote-controlled ophthalmic chart projector CPE070 Essilor instruments

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CPE070 is a Chart Projector that gives a comprehensive range of tests to cater for all your situations. This device enables you to carry out a full vision in a simple way. It comes with an infra-red remote control through which 50 tests can be controlled. Its visual acuity comprises the following features; letters scales from 0.5/10 to 20/10, number scales from 1/10 to 10/10, children’s scale from 1/10 to 10/10, landolts ring charts from 0.5/10 to 20/10, snellen R chart from 0.5/10 to 20/10, 2 types of progression: logarithmic and decimal. The additional tests that can be performed through it are; Parent Quadrant, Jackson cross, shot test - Binocular vision: Polarized testes (binocular equilibrium, Phoria, vertical and horizontal aniseikonia stereoscopic vision), Schobers test, Red/Green dissociation test, Worths test. There are 2 sets of 48 Programmable tests available. Its masking is horizontal, vertical and isolated. The distance of projection is 2 to 7 Metres and the field of projection is 335 x 222mm (for projection distance of 5m) and its projection speed is 0.03 per second.
Essilor Limited, Cooper Road Thornbury,
BS35 3UW
United Kingdom
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