Recessed computer workstation Icon Tedisel Medical

Recessed computer workstation Icon Tedisel Medical

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ICON is a new range of surgical facility panels developed by Tedisel to be installed recessed mounted. Are created with a solid interior structure of extruded aluminium profiles, and are the most reliable and avantgarde of market.In the past, panels integrated visualization and control elements. Nowadays, X-Ray viewers are not a common used device for visualization as it used to be and it is gradually replaced by high definition screens. For this reason it makes sense to split this parts of the panel and use control and visualization panels separately to place each one in a proper location in the OR.Produced as ICON Control, the visualization panel is used to integrate image and/or diagnosting screen. If necessary the panel can be used as housing for more than one screen depending on projects requirements.As complementary equipment it is possible to install a medical use keyboard, which is completely integrated inside the technical panel when it is closed. Visualization screen is installed in the panel by means of an adjustable metallic support and protected with a safety glass protected against breakage and re ection.
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