Re-entry catheter OUTBACK® LTD® Cordis

Re-entry catheter OUTBACK® LTD® Cordis

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The OUTBACK® LTD® Re-Entry Catheter fast and simple true lumen re-entry technology possible without the need for IVUS visualization. It is low profile, 6F sheath compatible, has highly visible "L" and "T" markers, and can orient the re-entry cannula toward the true lumen easily, eliminating the need for additional visualization equipment. It also has an effective torque control and it can be positioned toward the target re-entry site. It takes eight minutes to gain re-entry and reduces radiation exposure time and may help increase procedure volume. It has a lubricious, hydrophilic coating to facilitate subintimal passage. It is easy to use and needs no additional capital equipment or time-consuming set-up.
  • Application:re-entry
7 Powderhorn Dr,
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