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RDM Touch
The DACS for building a Low-Dose Culture

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Radiation Dose Monitor (RDM) Touch is a DACS (Dose Archiving and Communication System) software solution for collecting, controlling, analyzing and optimizing radiation doses delivered to patients during medical imaging examinations.

Designed for small organizations, RDM Touch is an all-in-one touch screen solution. Fitting seamlessly into your environment, RDM Touch interfaces with all of your information systems and is compatible with all types of imaging modalities from all manufacturers.


At the very core of your department, RDM Touch is an essential tool for monitoring and justifying delivered dose in one click.



  • Real-time monitoring of examinations and patients with advanced alert systems, based on (national and local) Diagnostic Reference Levels, and automatic e-mail notifications.
  • Dedicated screen for tracking alerts and finding their causes.
  • Instant access to the patient’s dose history for decision-making.
  • Advanced pediatric dose management.
  • Specific management of high-risk patients (pregnant women, radiation dermatitis, etc.).
  • Multi-criteria search by protocol, procedure, equipment, period, user, etc.
  • Creation of search filters by population type (woman of child-bearing age, child by age group, weight, etc.).
  • Re-evaluation of the CTDI according to the patient’s morphology (SSDE – Size Specific Dose Estimates).



  • Complete export of all screen data and dose analysis reports in Excel format.
  • Automatic transfer of reports to HIS, RIS, PACS, etc.
  • Custom call of RDM from your IT systems (HIS, RIS, PACS).
  • Real-time access to the RDM web interface, externally (internet/VPN) and internally (intranet).
  • Alert e-mails sent automatically.
  • Collection of DRLs and automatic transmission to the national authorities.
  • Modality integration, collection of dose dataDICOM RDSR (Radiation Dose Structured Report), DICOM Dose SC (Secondary Capture), DICOM MPPS (Modality Performed Procedure Step), DICOM Header, External dosimeter, Manual entry of dose data
  • HIS/RIS connectivityAutomatic submission of HL7 and DICOM RDSR dose reports, Reception of HL7 messages (fusion, update, etc.)
  • PACS connectivityAutomatic downloading in DICOM Query/Retrieve of the patient’s dose history, Automatic sending of dose reports to PACS in RDSR format
  • Web 2.0 interfaceInterface
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