RDM:Incidence map in interventional radiology

RDM:Incidence map in interventional radiology
A new feature of RDM in interventional radiology

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For Interventional Examinations (XA or RF) you can easily identify which angulation ranges were the most exposed and the location of the highest dose point using the incidence map.

The Air Kerma point is identified in real-time.Patient care and follow up, if needed, is hence faciliated and can be delivered quickly.


The incidence map parameters are :

  • - Dosimetric indicators (Air Kerma and DAP)
  • - Acquisition Plane (A, B, A and B)
  • - Angulation ranges (30° or 40°)


A color panel, from white for the less exposed regions to dark red for the most exposed regions, allows you to quickly estimate each region’s exposure.

A chart represents the cumulated dose value over the course of the examination.

You can choose a specific examination time using the slide bar below the chart.

By clicking on a region or the highest dose point, you can access the following dosimetric information:

  • - Air Kerma
  • - DAP
  • - Median KVP
  • - Median Source to detector distance
  • - Number of Sequences


This information is calculated for either fluoroscopy or acquisition.

All the sequences for a specific region can be accessed by clicking on the incidence map region as well.

You can export all of a region’s or hottest point Information to an Excel file.


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