RAPIDChem 744/754 Analyzers

RAPIDChem 744/754 Analyzers
Electrolyte and Lithium Testing Analyzers

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Perform electrolyte and lithium analysis simply and accurately


Siemens RAPIDChem® analyzers are a cost-efficient solution for rapid electrolyte and lithium testing in busy laboratories and clinics. Designed to accommodate a variety of specimen types, RAPIDChem 744/754 analyzers generate fast patient results while reducing operator exposure to biohazards.


Features & Benefits


Perform lithium and electrolyte measurements on a variety of sample types efficiently with RAPIDChem® 744/754 analyzers.

  • Intuitive yes/no prompts require minimal training
  • Results are displayed and printed in seconds
  • Ergonomic bench-top design requires minimal lab space
  • Minimal maintenance requirements; only seconds per day 
  • Use whole blood, plasma, serum and/or diluted urine samples
  • Direct analysis from syringes, micro-capillary tubes and commonly used containers without the need for special adapters
  • Small sample size required 
  • Waste contained in a closed cartridge for safe, easy disposal
  • Self-cleaning sample probe helps maintain sample integrity and enhance user safety 
  • Onboard QC program calculates and stores monthly QC statistics for easy recall
  • Out-of-range patient results are flagged for fast and easy operator reference
  • RS-232 port for seamless integration with your LIS/HIS
  • Long-life sensors help to maximize analyzer uptime
  • Snap-in replacement of self-contained reagent module
  • Modular design provides easy access for valve and sensor replacement  


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Sample Size


55 µL


50 µL


300 µL     

Serum Plasma Blood
35 seconds
60 seconds
(Na+/K+/Cl- only)

System Size and Weight

37.0 cm (14.5 in.)
18.0 cm (7 in.)


32 cm (12.5 in.)


7.3 kg. (16 lbs.) with reagent module


100V (85-110V), 120V (102-132V), 230V (187-242V), 240V (204-264V)



50/60 Hz





15°C to 32°C


External Interface


RS-232 Port


Data Storage



64 Patient results with Operator ID, Patient ID, Date and Time
QC (up to 31 results for each of 3 levels)

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