Radioisotope preparation shielded cell DEBBIE ITECO SR.L.

Radioisotope preparation shielded cell DEBBIE ITECO SR.L.

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NEW SHIELDED CELL "DEBBIE" The most TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED SHIELDED cell, designed to handle, stock and prepare radiopharmaceuticals. Special attention is paid to the PROTECTION of operators from RADIATIONS and to the ABSOLUTE STERILITY of the handled materials. This cell is entirely built in AISI 316 stainless steel with laminar flow (Class ISO 5) central area and lateral pre-chambers with differentiated pressure. The laminar flow where fractionation is made and doses are packaged is monitored continuously. The sealing of the central area where all the radiopharmaceuticals are prepared is continuously monitored. Pneumatic seals with intrinsic safety valves to keep the operating values constant. Independently sealed sections, interlocking system of all doors and safety parameters re-set via alarms. Possibility of installing automatic or semi-automatic fractionation devices and dose loading in shielded containers inside the cell. Possibility of immediate adjustments of all production parameters and of setting the system in safe conditions; continuous control of the general efficiency and of all operating parameters and collection of the production data on a PC.
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