Pupil meter (ophthalmic examination) / hand-held PDM Reichert

Pupil meter (ophthalmic examination) / hand-held PDM Reichert

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PDM Digital PD Meter PDM Digital PD Meter has Reichert PDM Digital PD Meter utilizes the current technology for measuring interpupillary distance and right/left pupil-to-nose distance. The PDM's ergonomic design, smooth action, and utilizer-friendly LCD screen enable fast and decisive PD measurements. Key Aspects: - Simple and Accurate Operation Obtaining factual inerpupillary measurements with the PDM is simple. - Operators simply align the measuring lines to the Purkinje images on the patient's corneas. - Measurement data can be obtained for a single eye, or both eyes, and results are factual to within 0.5 mm. - Interpupillary distance for a range of focusing points can be obtained by selecting the appropriate focus distance on the circular dial. - The PDM's LCD displays measurement data in a light, simple-to-read format. - Ergonomic Design PDM is ergonomically advanced to be simple to hold and measure at the same time, while the forehead bar fits the patient's forehead comfortably. - The PDM controls operate smoothly and are simple to adjust.
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