Pulmonary function testing system APS pro CareFusion

Pulmonary function testing system APS pro CareFusion
APS pro

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APS pro nebulizer is an integrated aerosol provocation system which integrates into CareFusion MasterScreen and Vmax Encore instruments - Spirometry, IOS Impulse Spirometry, Rocc and Body Plethysmography. The salient features of this incredible instrument are that ,first,it can test a broad age range, from 4 years to adult.Second,it gives single and multiple concentration testing.Third, the computer controlled nebulization guarantees the amount of drug inhaled is reproducible.Further, the product gives real-time visualization of dose administration and breathing patterns. Also,the two modes of administration, pulse or continuous nebulization, allow for a broad age range to be tested.Additionally, the product's user-defined, end-of-test criteria supports both PC and PD calculations based on FEV1, R5, Fres, sRaw, sGaw, etc. Morever, the APS pro uses a high efficiency filter to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination.Lastly, the Intelligent SentrySuite™ software present in it guides the user through the entire measurement process- protocol customization, improved observation module, control both time and volume of nebulization, automatic threshold calculation, and automated feedback triggers for each protocol step.
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