Prosthetic liner Balance TPE 6Y93 Ottobock

Prosthetic liner Balance TPE 6Y93 Ottobock
Balance TPE 6Y93

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The outstanding benefits of the Balance TPE Liner include a high level of wearer comfort and very easy handling. Its flexible copolymer material minimises shear forces in the socket. Medical white oil moisturises and replenishes the skin and keeps it supple and in balance. In the upper proximal section (from 20 cm distal), the Balance TPE Liner features two different wall thicknesses: At the rear it has a thickness of only 3 mm in order to achieve optimal knee flexion. Moreover, this reduces the formation of wrinkles in the hollow of the knee. For optimal protection of the residual limb we chose a thickness of 6 mm at the front. This cushioning reduces the pressure on the patella during the entire range of movement. The sensitive residual limb end is protected with a 6 mm thick distal cushion. Two different fabric colours help to apply the Balance TPE Liner correctly. The front side is beige, the rear side is brown – thus enabling the user and prosthetist to see at a glance how to pull on the liner. Another benefit: In case of untypical residual limb shapes the Balance TPE Liner can be reshaped at 60 °C in an oven and in this way be individually adapted. The Balance TPE Liner is suitable for users with low to moderate activity level and can be used for fittings with or without a connection (locking+cushion).

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