Pressure therapy unit (physiotherapy) G 2000 Luxury Globus Italia

Pressure therapy unit (physiotherapy) G 2000 Luxury Globus Italia
G 2000 Luxury

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The MORNING LIFE - G 2000 Luxury, from Globus, comes with 2 programs for Globus pressure therapy,and is adaptable to all needs in the areas of health, wellness , beauty and relaxation. It has a system pressure adjustment and automatic shut-off timer . Program A simulates a manual massage, it performs a process of lymphatic drainage. The compartments swell one at a time from the feet to the groin. Whenever one compartment is lit, the previous deflates. Program B starts the pressure foot and maintain the preceding chambers inflated until the whole leg ( or arm or addomen ) is inflated . Thanks to this type of treatment, it is possible to obtain the largest movement of fluids through a real drain . When one chamber turns on, the previous remains inflated. The speed control cycle and the two programs as well as the ease of use and quiet operation of the device , make this a very professional machine .
  • Type:pressure therapy unit
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Codogne (TV)
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