Pressure therapy unit (physiotherapy) E13600 - Lymphactif HT FYSIOMED NV-SA

Pressure therapy unit (physiotherapy) E13600 - Lymphactif HT FYSIOMED NV-SA
E13600 - Lymphactif HT

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The Lymphactif HT is a machine which offers an enormous expansion and an excellent supplement by the treatment of circulatory disorders and affections of the lymphatic system. The Lymphactif HT features different programs: alternative, sequential, compressive, physiologic and optional programs. This possibility offers differential treatment to affect the circulation at different levels: alternative mode: superficial action sequential mode: intermediary action compressive mode: profound action by complete compression of the limb the optional programs allow to store individual preferences The Lymphactif HT ensures an optimal drainage thanks to following characteristics: choice of mode adjustable pressure from 0 to 180 mbar per chamber adjustable time program per chamber adjustable rest time after each cycle choice to work: from distal to proximal and visa versa Possibility of dynamic pressotherapy during walking on a treadmill favouring drainage and the veno-lymphatic pump which are stimulated by the mechanic pressure and the leg movement. All the functions are visualized on a large color LCD. In addition to the usual and traditional keys and buttons, it is possible to adjust every parameter on the touchscreen. The versatile Windows CE operating system ensures possible upgrading. A wide range of preset protocols with body maps is available. After a pathology is chosen, the screen will show the body parts to be treated and the unit will suggest the parameter values to set. Free memories for entering customized protocols.
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