Portable veterinary ultrasound system SonoVet R3 Samsung Medison

Portable veterinary ultrasound system SonoVet R3 Samsung Medison
SonoVet R3

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SonoVet R3 is the ultimate solution for the Full-Featured Workflow in any of the setting. It is a small and user friendly model that provides maximum compatibility in a lightweight unit, and delivers a strong ultrasound system having full diagnostic capability. The Speckle Reduction Filter™ (SRF™) integrates with the Full Spectrum Imaging™ (FSI™) for delivering excellent quality images. Significant contrast is ensured between different biologic tissue structures by Harmonic imaging and pulse inversion technology in order to get increased precision in diagnosis. It has a monitor with two probe ports and three USB ports. This product provides flexibility, precision and enhanced efficiency. It is of compact and slim design; its compact design integrates Full-Featured Workflow with functional key groupings, along with a thumbnail menu and shortest method for improved efficiency. It has got user-friendly design integrated with a wide-view 15" LCD monitor along with a modifiable measurement package and body markers. SonoVet R3 is having DICOM 3 compatible image filing. It has backlit control keys and quick boot up capability and a comfortable carrying handle too for portability and flexibility.
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