Portable baropodometry platform ICS Balance Platform Otometrics

Portable baropodometry platform ICS Balance Platform Otometrics
ICS Balance Platform

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Postural instability is among the most common complaints physicians hear from their patients and the cost of fall related injuries is in fact becoming a severe public health issue. The ICS Balance Platform utilizes a fixed force plate to measure the vertical force put forth by the patients feet and assess the patients amount of postural sway. Balance Screener The Balance Screener version with mCTSIB and LOS evaluates sensory contributions used for balance control. Modified Clinical Test of Sensory Interaction and Balance (mCTSIB) provides an objective measurement of sway when the patient is placed in 4 sensory conditions that were developed based on normal daily activities. This test provides information regarding if the patient needs further diagnostic testing. Limits of Stability (LOS) provides an objective measure of displacement of the patients center of gravity when the patient is asked to lean to 8 different postural positions. Balance Trainer The Balance Trainer version provides interactive training exercises with real-time monitoring of movement for the patient leading to better balance control. The following training protocols are available on the ICS Balance Platform: Eyes open/closed on firm surface Target practice track the jumping target Pursuit follow the moving target One-leg test balance on one leg Foam cushion balance on unstable surface
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