Podiatry workstation / 1-station EPSYLON NAMROL

Podiatry workstation / 1-station EPSYLON NAMROL

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Always in the right place. The concept of the arm mounted on the chair in combination with the adjustable instrument console is the best solution for those cabinets that do not have much room to work. Articulated arm Flexibility and adaptability Thanks to the concept of mounted arm on the chair the podiatrist has optimal conditions to work in a small space. Epsylon strong points are mobility and flexibility and adaptability to all operational situations. Sub tray AGILE WORK IN EVERYDAY USE The removable auxiliary tray located at the bottom of the console allows you easy access to the instruments, saving unnecessary movement. Handheld instrument console Ergonomic Routable double joint console designed to achieve the most suitable position in every kind of intervention, providing maximum freedom of movement. The functional arrangement in the console of the hanging tube instruments ensures you an immediate and comfortable grip. The return position of the instruments is intuitive and precise and provides you a quick and flowing job. Control panel INTELLIGENT MANAGEMENT CONCEPT The membrane keyboard technology offers an intuitive and efficient operation. When you pick up an instrument its settings are automatically selected. The keyboard layout allows rapid adjustment of instruments and functions of the unit with reading preselection of the micromotor set speed in rpm and direction.
  • Application:podiatry
  • Number of stations:1-station