Pneumatic nebulizer AirLife Brand Misty Finity® CareFusion

Pneumatic nebulizer AirLife Brand Misty Finity® CareFusion
AirLife Brand Misty Finity®

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CareFusion Misty Finity nebulizer is a device which is characterized by unswerving, versatile and dependable performance, thereby complementing the advantages of continuous nebulization therapy. The product improves the implementation of the aerosol therapy, in order to serve patients within the contemporary medication dosing necessities. Spill resistant caps that feature ease-in-assembly, coupled with in-built ports facilitate the usage of IV medications. Numerous configurations and sizes, which are prevailing in large, medium and small volumes, are subject to varying rates of flow. The nebulizers, which are characterized by high flow and huge volume, provide both straight-connect (connect by oxygen tubing to flow meter) and direct-connect (directly to flow meter) alternatives. A therapy that lasts almost 8 hours is aided by the capacity of the device which measures around 240 mL. The high-flow, low-flow and medium-volume nebulizers account for both in-line and mask therapy alternatives. The high-flow and the low-flow nebulizers enable therapies that last for 2 hours and 4 hours respectively. However, both the high-flow nebulizer and the low-flow nebulizer have the same capacities measuring 30 mL.
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