Pneumatic nebulizer 646 T DeVilbiss Healthcare

Pneumatic nebulizer 646 T DeVilbiss Healthcare
646 T

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The Model 646 Nebulizer moves liquid into aerosol with a fast air stream. It uses a DeVilbiss brand compressor and works with aerosol particles that move into the lungs in a COPD patient. This is made with creating a fine mist into the lungs. The T-piece makes it easy for the patient to leave the nebulizer in one's mouth while exhaling. This links to an aerosol face mask and can be handled with an air driven design. This uses a break-resistant nebulizer that can be taken apart and sterilized with a boiling, autoclaving or sterilization process. This can handle 5cc of materials and uses a tubing or extra jet setup. This is all paired with a six moth warranty to make it sensible.
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