Pleural drainage set PleuraGuide™ Atrium

Pleural drainage set PleuraGuide™ Atrium

Wouldn't it be nice if everything you needed for bedside chest tube insertion came in one, simple tray, all of the contents neatly organized, the entire kit wrapped in a drape and sealed in a sterile package, ready to grab and take to the procedure? Now it does. The new and improved PleuraGuide™ Disposable Chest Tube Kit was redesigned to make bedside chest tube insertion faster, easier, and more organized than ever before. The more compact PleuraGuide™ Kit is approximately 56% smaller and 30% lighter than our previous sized kit. Atrium's "more green" disposable solution is a more streamlined and cost effective option for your hospital. Of course, the revised kit still includes its most innovative feature: Atrium's patented PleuraGuide™ chest tube introducer, an effective, easy-to-use design that securely holds the catheter during insertion, making the use of a sharp trocar and its associated risks unnecessary.
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