Philips Minicare I-20

Philips Minicare I-20
Hand-held acute care diagnostic device

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One of our first applications for Minicare I-20 is in the acute care setting. Leading the way is the Minicare Troponin-I (cTnI) assay, designed for use in the emergency department. You can test your patients’ blood while they are having an initial cardiac assessment, enabling you to rapidly assess patients with suspected Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS). Our Troponin-I assay will shortly be followed by other acute care markers.

Lab comparable results in 10 minutes from one finger prick of blood

Accurate, portable, robust and reliable, Minicare I-20 can deliver lab comparable Troponin results within 10 minutes, from just a finger prick of blood. Being able to rule in or rule out NSTEMI in this way means potentially life-saving treatment can be started more quickly for some patients, while others can be safely and speedily discharged. This can potentially reduce overcrowding and waiting times in the emergency department, improving workflow and helping your department run more efficiently.

Easy to use system offering sample type flexibility

Minicare I-20 handles different sampling methods to suit the way you like to work, making it easy to incorporate into your day-to-day working practice, with the minimum of disruption. It can be safely and easily used by non-technical staff with the minimum of training. The system can handle both a finger prick of blood and direct whole blood sampling from standard blood tubes. This is done with a special attachment which extracts a tiny droplet of blood, without any contamination. The main tube can then be sent away for additional tests.

Connectivity and integrated quality control

The system has been designed without moving parts to create a robust and stable handheld platform. By creating a device with integrated quality control, there is no longer any need to run regular quality control checks. Updating software is also straightforward. Our remote servicing function makes it possible to quickly install software upgrades, preventing any downtime. Minicare's built-in connectivity automatically updates the information in a patient's electronic file as soon as the reading has been obtained.

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