Pharmaceutical downflow containment booth Pharmacon™ ESCO

Pharmaceutical downflow containment booth Pharmacon™ ESCO

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Pharmacon™'s down-flow booths contain harmful air particulates, and other similar elements by means of an accelerated air system. As long as it functions correctly, and to its utmost capabilities, this powerful device (or these devices) improve the overall count of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (or cGMP for short) particles in the environment, produce Operator Exposure Levels (or OEL's for short), ? 100 micrograms/meter³ for 8-hour periods, and contain hazard risks to any dangerous particles or elements in the air. Some of its features include a simple (easy-to-clean) yet efficient design, a mono-pass, or re-dispersing airflow system, chilling coils, detachable bulkhead panels, blower(s) which recoup voltage, back plenums as well as a compressed ceiling, tear-drop-shaped light fittings (which are energy-saving), magnehelic gauges, and many, many more. They come a variety of different models, depending on one's preference of features and specifications; they have optional accessories available; and, are all officially certified.
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