Peritoneal drainage set Portex® Smiths Medical

Peritoneal drainage set Portex® Smiths Medical

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The Portex Seldinger Chest Drainage Catheters is useful for cardiothoracic or thoracic patients. It is designed with Seldinger approach in order to access blood vessels safely. It is so designed that it permits chest drainage to the pleural cavity to control pleural problems with the help of small catheters. The kit comes with syringe, Guidewire, Dilator, Pleural catheter. Its Scalpel No11 is equipped with surgical cut made in skin. 10ml syringe with hollow Tuohy needle helps indicate once the needle enters the pleural cavity. 50cm long Guidewire is used in identifying pleural cavity and placing the catheter in right position. Dilator with 14F/4.66mm increases the passage of pleural cavity to place the pleural catheter. Pleural catheter with 12F, 3.96mm, 30cm long to allow safe drainage. The male connector helps to connect to chest drain system. There is a 4-way stopcock to integrate between the catheter and chest drainage bag for taking sampling at irregular intervals.
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