Peripheral stent / PTFE ICAST™ Atrium

Peripheral stent / PTFE ICAST™ Atrium

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Atrium’s iCAST™ balloon expandable covered stent is FDA (510) cleared for the treatment of tracheobronchial strictures. The iCAST covered stent provides deployment accuracy due to its precision stent delivery platform and its low foreshortening design. The iCAST stent is crafted using Atrium’s PTFE encapsulation technology and a one-step deployment technique for precise, accurate deployment. The ultra-thin iCAST covered stent utilizes the latest developments in PTFE film lamination technology. Atrium’s Film-Cast Encapsulation Technology protects the 316L stainless steel struts from contacting the luminal wall and is designed to expand uniformly to prevent tissue from prolapsing through the expanded stent. The patented filmcast covering also helps evenly distribute radial expansion stress during balloon deployment, creating a more uniform deployment. The iCAST™ covered stent has a low crossing profile. Low profile means efficient delivery.
  • Material:PTFE
  • Cardiovascular system :peripheral
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