Perforated sterilization basket 77T C.B.M.

Perforated sterilization basket 77T C.B.M.

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C.B.M., making use of its great experience in medical filed, has developed a new series of baskets for the sterilization, cleaning and transporting of small instruments as dental instruments, micro surgery instruments, ophthalmic instruments and more. The small instruments baskets are manufactured in high quality stainless steel AISI 304. The design of small instruments baskets assures the safety in handling sharpened small instruments, as the matter of the perforation of small instruments baskets (4x4 mm top and bottom, 2x2 lateral) avoids the dangerous lateral displacement of pointed parts, meanwhile it allows the correct penetration of sterilizing and washing agents. Small instruments baskets are electro polished. This manufacturing process avoids the colour changing caused by the by the high sterilization temperature and avoids the formation of water stains. Small instruments baskets are equipped with fixation systems that avoid the displacing of delicate instruments. The bottom is equipped with perforated silicon mat and on the lid different silicon bar are mounted. When the basket is closed they interact embracing the instruments in a soft and safe way. All small instruments baskets can also be requested with customized fixation system or without fixation system. It is also possible to evaluate the production of customized baskets.
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