Perforated sterilization basket 440 x 340 | 78 - 78/2 C.B.M.

Perforated sterilization basket 440 x 340 | 78 - 78/2 C.B.M.
440 x 340 | 78 - 78/2

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Baskets in perforated sheet AISI304 stainless steel are what has evolved from the family of mesh baskets. The flexible production process allows a large range of standard sizes to be produced and as well as special models requested by clients. The use of perforated sheet stainless steel guarantees solidness and extreme safety. Baskets in perforated sheet steel allow for a free penetration of steam and washing liquids, at the same time preventing the danger of instruments escaping through the sides. Each basket has two large retractable handles to move it with. The base, also in stainless steel, allows baskets of different sizes to be stacked together. Each model has various accessories including a perforated lid, a silicon mat and a series of dividers, which allows the surgical instruments to be personalised.
Via Castello, 10A,
Torre de Picenardi (CR)
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