Pediatric vascular prosthesis GORE-TEX® Gore

Pediatric vascular prosthesis GORE-TEX® Gore

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GORE-TEX® Vascular Grafts are popular choices of surgeons worldwide for use as shunts in pediatric cardiac procedures. It is configured for Pediatric Shunts, which are modified Blalock-Taussig and provide palliation of congenital heart defects prior to total correction. It benefits include - ease of implantation, take-down at total correction, good patency and avoidance of excessive shunt flow. Kink resistance, improved handling, and better tissue approximation for use in neonates are possible with its thin wall Stretch configuration. Its large diameter grafts are available in a wide range of configuration and are used in functions, like - the extra-cardiac Fontan procedure, to palliate or correct interrupted aortic arch, etc.
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