PCR workstation CleneCab plus Herolab

PCR workstation CleneCab plus Herolab
CleneCab plus

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This PCR Workstation comes with a built in microprocessor that allows for full control of emitted UV energy for crosslinking. It comes equipped with a detachable pull-out crosslinking tray. The workstation can inactivate nucleic acids in five to 30 minutes and sterilizes mixtures, reagents, pipette tips, pipettes, and more. It can protect the sample from any external contaminations, and protects its user from biohazardous samples. The workstation is made of 10 mm acrylic glass. The doors have safety cut-off switches that offer maximum protection for the user from any UV radiations. The workstation includes five timer controlled UV tubes that have reflectors for the efficient irradiation for the work surface. There is white light illumination for routine work.
Ludwig-Wagner-Strasse 12,
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