Particle size analyzer IG-1000 Shimadzu Europa GmbH

Particle size analyzer IG-1000 Shimadzu Europa GmbH

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For effective analysis of single nano particles the IG-1000 Plus Single Nano Particle Size Analyzer is particularly suitable. It goes beyond the single nano region into the sub nano region. Based on the newer principle for measuring nano particle sizes using dielectrophoresis and diffracted light, the product uses induced grating method. By the conventional method of light scattering, the light scattered particle sizes decreases sharply to less than 100 nm and in the single nano region the particle size is less than 10 nm. There it is difficult to detect scattered light and measure particles. The IG-1000 does not use scattered light and therefore there are no restrictions and allows the size of nano particles to be measured. It is resistant to contamination and in case a sample is contaminated with little amounts of foreign particles, the information is analyzed and captured. This avoids filtering of samples in order to remove foreign particles. Using this product it is possible to acquire stable data.
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