Parasite filter / for water potability test CRYPTONITE™ Medivators

Parasite filter / for water potability test CRYPTONITE™ Medivators

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As a result of months of co-development between MEDIVATORS (formerly Minntech Corporation) and Elutrasep, the Cryptonite™ family of hollow fiber modules will provide for an efficient means for concentrating and recovering Cryptosporidium and Giardia for drinking water tests. "Over the past year, Minntech Corporation has exhibited a truly impressive ability to meet our design requirements for the Cryptonite™ family of filtration modules. Their commitment to quality and manufacturing capabilities will ensure that Cryptonite™ will have a part in the global cryptosporidium testing markets," said Jason Holt, president and CEO of Elutrasep. "Cryptonite™ requires a specialized type of filtration membrane and nothing to date has been able to keep up to the performance the Minntech fiber," said Jason. Available for download is a recent proficiency report conducted by the EPA for Method 1623 Participating Laboratories. This report demonstrates Cryptonite™ HV's excellent recoveries as well as a much improved level of precision over that of all other concentration and recovery products available today.Cryptonite HV Better Recovery Better Precision Faster Elution Process 1/10th the elution volume of competitive filters
  • Type:parasite
  • Application:for water potability test
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