Paraffin oven 6 BMV1120 Chirana Progress

Paraffin oven 6 BMV1120 Chirana Progress
6 BMV1120

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Paraffin and peat pack warmer TEP 21 consists of a water bath tank used for locally applying paraffin and peat packs for treating diseases of the locomotive system caused due to inflammations, degenerative processes and traumatic causalities. The warm pack also provides therapy for posttraumatic conditions and is also applied for warming up the extremities prior to exercise. During application, the temperature of the paraffin is around 56 °C which is just above the melting point of the mixture. The paraffin container along with the accessories bin are sunk into the bath tank first. The bath tank is then warmed up through the heater situated at the bottom of the tub. The front panel is located with control panels and display buttons with signal lamps. The complete device is placed on a cart with wheels for an easy maneuvering.
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