Palmar resting splint (orthopedic immobilization) Advance® Wrist Össur

Palmar resting splint (orthopedic immobilization) Advance® Wrist Össur
Advance® Wrist

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Advance Wrist's patented spring design offers constant therapeutic tension throughout patient's full range of motion. It can be used in case of lost or limited range of movement, contractures occurring post surgery. This product is helpful for treating contractures due to burns and from extended immobilization, non-traumatic tissue remodeling, CVA and hemophilia. This product is also used to attain long term range of movement without regular clinical supervision. Some of the features of the product are: Eccentric torsion spring can be adjusted for regulating the tension; Spring can be locked safely at the time of fitting and removal with the help of simple lever. Telescopic adjustable arms help getting rid of different sizes. Ductile cuffs helps in customized fitting. Cuffs are bordered with 'memory foam' pads which helps in reducing pressure points. Product is available in one size which fits all and for left and right, Flexion and Extension models.
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