Oxygen hood for CPAP therapy StarMed CaStar 'R' Intersurgical

Oxygen hood for CPAP therapy StarMed CaStar 'R' Intersurgical
StarMed CaStar 'R'

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StarMed CaStar 'R' Next - Hood without underarm straps for non invasive mechanical ventilation (NIV) The CaStar R Next is a comfortable, versatile and lightweight patient interface for non invasive mechanical ventilation (NIV) designed to offer an alternative to traditional methods of NIV delivery. The CaStar R Next has been designed to improve patient-ventilator interaction, by reducing the inspiratory trigger delay and increasing the rate of airway pressurisation, while avoiding the need for underarm straps. Advantages Improve patient-ventilator interaction New fastening system replaces underarm straps Technical Features Built in inflatable cuff Two sealed access ports for probes or catheters of 3.5-7.0mm Ø New additional sealed access suitable for single or multi-lumen probes or catheters Patient access port with screw cap. Fitted with bidirectional anti-suffocation valve which opens automatically in the event of pressure failure Single packed. Custom-packs are supplied on specific request of the customer.
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