Oxygen flowmeter / variable-area Penlon

Oxygen flowmeter / variable-area Penlon

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Flowmeters Flowmeters has a Single, Twin and Low Flow Flowmeters for utilize with oxygen or medical air. It has 0 15 L/min standard flow rate. Key Aspects: - Low flow, 0 3 L/min and 0 5 L/min, also available. - Pressure compensation prevents back pressure build up on flow indicator. - Incorporates static charge dissipation device to protect factuak readings. - Available with either a BSâ€ENâ€737 probe, 1/8 NPT Universal thread or 3/8 BSP connector. - Durable polycarbonate flow tube and cover. - Anodised aluminium body and control knob. - Twin graduated scale adds precision control, particularly at low flows.
  • Gas type:oxygen
  • Technology:variable area
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