Oxygen concentrator PM4351 EasyFlow5 Precision Medical

Oxygen concentrator PM4351 EasyFlow5 Precision Medical
PM4351 EasyFlow5

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The EasyFlow 5 is a unique device that highlights the best in technological advancement. With its robust system, the user can be confident about guaranteed durability without the need for numerous service calls or a tripped breaker will disrupt functioning. The unit is not sensitive to power cuts and compressor stalling. The design if neutral and blends with just about any environment. Even when the EasyFlow 5's compressor is off, the device continues to transmit oxygen to the surroundings. The unit is made from metal and can be used with or without a humidifier. When the compressor is off the patient will continue breathing. The unit is light enough to be easily carried from place to place. With it one piece cabinet, the user does not have to worry about inconveniences that are common with two piece ones. Neutral color to blend with environment.
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