Otoscope endoscope / rigid / with speculum HEINE mini 3000® LED Heine

Otoscope endoscope / rigid / with speculum HEINE mini 3000® LED Heine
HEINE mini 3000® LED

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The LED illumination of the mini 3000 F.O. Otoscope is maintenance-free. The brightness of the light is double that of the traditional Xenon Halogen instrument. The LED does not require to be exchanged. All along the lifespan of the device, the output maintains a level of consistency, which is attributed to the thermal management of the system. Outstanding color rendering accounts for the brightness and homogeneous illumination, which are offered by the LED of the device. The color temperature measures 4000 K and the color rendering index is greater than 95. However, the color red has a rendering index greater than 90. The brightness of traditional halogen instruments is half the brightness of this device. Optimum intensity of light is produced after switching on the system. Subsequently, this intensity gets adjusted to a level which is in accordance to the present status of charge of the battery. This reflects the battery performance of the product. The intensity of illumination with battery level is decreased by the unique fade-out operation. At that time, the battery requires replacement.
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