Ophthalmic workstation / equipped / 1-station Endurance™ Reichert

Ophthalmic workstation / equipped / 1-station Endurance™ Reichert

Endurance Stand Endurance Stand has a The Endurance Stand adds a durable platform with contemporary styling for organization of your alley equipment. The slim profile and small footprint protects access to your patients and instruments without compromising floor space. Characteristics: - The Endurance Stand comes fully equipped with an overhead lamp, a counterbalanced refractor arm, and a counterbalanced lower instrument arm that permit for standard and wheel chair access. - An optional keratometer arm is also available. - Three additional accessory outlets allow for consolidation of power cables for auxiliary equipment in one location. - The Phoroptor arm comes fully counterbalanced for a Reichert Ultramatic RX Phoroptor and the lower instrument arm is counterbalanced for the Reichert XCEL 255 Slit Lamp. - The built-in counterbalance adjustment mechanisms can be simplify accessed in each arm. - The height range on the lower arm holds wheelchairs and standard patient access. - Controls on the stand console are logically arranged and simplify accessible.
  • Application: : ophthalmic
  • Other characteristics: : equipped
  • Number of stations: : 1-station
3362 Walden Ave,
United States
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