Ophthalmic operating table / electrical 500 LC UFSK- OSYS

Ophthalmic operating table / electrical 500 LC UFSK- OSYS
500 LC

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The Treatment Chair 500 LC is a reclining treatment chair which simulates the ideal "operating room" for outpatients. It is designed to provide patients with the best possible comfort, relaxation, stability, convenience, and ease-of-mind, while still giving doctors and medical personnel the utmost freedom of performing their medical responsibilities on the patients. It is equipped with 4 solid steel legs complete with 2 comprehensive exigency casters, manual and automatic foot switches which guarantee full electronic modifiable capabilities, a carefully designed overall seat, complete with adjustable armrests and shaped headrest, along with many more. It also boasts of a quick and effortless maintenance, since it features a removable seat cushion, and even topnotch upholstery.
  • Operation:electrical
  • Application domain:ophthalmic