Nurse call system SW-707B Cornell

Nurse call system SW-707B Cornell

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A shockproof, plastic housing holds the cords momentary contact push button operator, connected to a vinyl-covered cord seven feet long. The right-angle plug is molded to the cord for long life. Maintenance: The entire assembly will withstand sterilizing and routine washing. Warnings: The call cords pendant is not intended for use in oxygen atmospheres. Operation: The momentary contact initiates a signal to the associated Nurse Call Console. Call will be answered at console. Mounting: The Call Cord plugs into Cornell Bedside Station using jack provided by station. Engineering Specifications: The contractor shall furnish and install CORNELL Call Cords for use with the CORNELL Audio Nurse Call System. The polyvinyl cables shall be 7 long and be attached to the molded plastic housing enclosing momentary contact push buttons. The entire apparatus shall be shockproof, and must withstand normal washing and sterilization. Right angle phone plugs and bedding clips shall be included. The call cord pendant is not intended for use in oxygen atmospheres. Technical Information: Power Requirements: Provided by Bedside Station Operating Environment: 50-120°F Indoor Non-condensing Physical length: 7 Mounting: Plugs into bedside station
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