NovaPort cannulas

NovaPort cannulas
The safe access to the vascular system

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NovaPort cannulas are designed specially to meet the needs of extracorporeal heart and lung support circuits and perioperative perfusion in minimally invasive heart surgery.
All blood-contact surfaces of the NovaPort cannulas are coated with the bio- and hemocompatible x.ellence coating.

NovaPort one
NovaPort one cannulas can be used for extracorporeal circulations for cardiac and pulmonary support as well as for perioperative perfusion for less invasive cardiac/aortic surgery.

NovaPort twin
NovaPort twin double lumen cannulas are specifically developed for venos-venous vascular access. Double lumen cannulas are ideal for the mobilisation of the patients."


For your information: Not all products are cleared or available for sale in all countries. For further information on country-specific regulations, please contact your local Xenios AG representative. 

Also, this information is not intended for an audience within the USA. If your are from the USA, please visit the corresponding Fresenius Medical Care website here

- NovaPort one KU single lumen cannulas are used for percutaneous connection of extracorporeal gas exchange systems with 3/8“ tube connections to the vascular system.
- NovaPort one KI single lumen cannulas provide femoral connection of an iLA Membrane Ventilator to the vascular system.
- NovaPort twin double lumen cannulas are designed specially for venovenous vascular access. Double lumen cannulas are ideal for mobilizing patients

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