Not absorbable orthopedic pin Orthofix

Not absorbable orthopedic pin Orthofix

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Product description Accomplish the lag screw effect with the ease of a K-Wire in just one pin. The innovative thread design of the Orthofix FFS auto-compresses bone fragments as the pin is advanced. Features & Benefits For bone fragments in upper and lower limbs All implants 120 mm long in a variety of thread lengths cut to length after insertion Excellent stability guaranteed by fine thread and unique design Compression possible between fragments No pre-drilling or pre-tapping required Medium and large sizes can be combined with a washer to improve cortical contact Surgeon Benefits Implants have a three-sided trocar cutting tip and a finely machined threaded section, specially designed to guarantee good purchase in cancellous bone The proximal portion of each implant consists of a smooth shaft, the diameter of which is greater than that of the threaded section The chamfer at the intersection of the threaded portion and the smooth shaft functions to maintain fracture reduction Simplicity saves operative time Holding power in bone allows joy stick manipulation of fragments prior to insertion of second implant
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